Google Play Store 15.4.16 Update is Now Available to Download with Faster Software Performances

One of the best things about carrying an Android powered smartphone in your pocket all times is the fact that you can’t get bored anymore. Simply install a fun game such as Clash of Clans and you will have something to do during boring times such as waiting for the bus to arrive in the station for example. However, this all wouldn’t be possible without help from the Google Play Store.

As all Android fans already know by now, the Google Play Store is the place where they need to go to whenever they want to download a new app or fun mobile game. This makes the Google Play Store one of the most important components of the Android operating system and also a high priority to Google when it comes to software stability. With that said, the Google Play Store is updated on a regular basis and a brand-new update has just been released.

Google Play Store 15.4.16 Update

Considering the fact that millions of Android fans are accessing the Google Play Store at any given moment, it should come as no surprise that Google wants to make sure that the app library never crashes. Well, here is where the new updates come in and save the day. The latest update for the Google Play Store sports the 15.4.16 version number and it has been specially designed to improve the overall software stability of the app library.

With that being said, what Android fans can expect from the new 15.4.16 update for the Google Play Store are bug fixes and under the hood software tweaks. Even though Android fans might not be able to see these under the hood software tweaks, they are certainly going to feel them since they also improve the performances of the Google Play Store

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