How To Fix League of Legends Error 5C Problem

league of legends error 5c

Are you experiencing League of Legends error 5c problem? Let’s show you how to resolve this problem.

Error 5c problem has been a common challenge to the League of Legends communities. Some users are being restricted from queuing for both normal and ranked games. Moreover, this problem is now very common after the release of patch 9.6.

Bottom line, you just get restriction for no reason. Feels so annoying when you see the message “trouble fetching information for this player (Error: 5C)”. Users experiencing this should exit and relaunch the game. Don’t be surprised if the problem still persists even after you reset the game.

Nevertheless, the League of Legends communities have found the “Trouble Fetching Information” bug very challenging. Some users were able to solve the issue by resetting the game.

How to Fix League of Legends Error 5C Problem

Solution 1: Reset your router

The “trouble fetching Information” bug happen to be somehow attached to the internet connection. The next action to take is reset the router and then check if the error message still persists. If it does, then you would have to re-log. The problem should be fixed after taking these actions.

Solution 2: Log in with an alternate League of Legends account

Having an alternate account can really be an advantage towards the issue. In cases like this, you should try to log in with the other account and then log back in with the affected account. Some users have testified to following this stepwise procedure.

If you still experiencing the “Trouble Fetching Information” LoL error 5c problem; you may proceed to the next solution.

Solution 3: Access the game with a Hotspot connection

The error message may still displays probably because you haven’t tried this either. Disconnect from the router, connect to any available Hotspot, log in, close the Hotspot and reconnect with the router.

Solution 4: Use the League of Legends Repair Tool

The repair tool works with both Windows and iOS users. If after carrying out all the steps listed above and you still experience the error message, players should use the League of Legends repair tool. The repair process might take some time but the problem should be automatically fixed.

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