How to Downgrade From iOS 12.3.2

downgrade from ios 12 3 2

Everything was going fine until you run into iOS12.3.2 fault. You can downgrade from iOS 12.3.2 to iOS 12.3.1 for a specific duration of time. Kindly know that you can’t just downgrade all the way down to iOS 12 or iOS 11. Moreover, iOS 12.3.2 update can be done by iPhone 8 only. In the case of iOS 12.3.1, you can downgrade straight to iOS 12.3 on other devices.

Officially, Apple closed iOS 12 downloading process. You will spend at least 20mins to 30mins and longer if you still have to restore your backed up data. You should yield to instructions that will be given below.

Procedures To Downgrade From iOS 12.3.2 to iOS 12.3.1

Basically, if you already created an Archive backup, you will be able to access it for restore process. Make sure you create a backup before you proceed. Here are the steps to downgrade from iOS 12.3.2 all the way back to iOS 12.3.1:

  1. You can get the IOS 12.3.1 update online with your iPhone or iPad(Search other guide to get the update).
  2. Ensure you still have a green checkmark in the Apple Status Signing Column. Do not proceed if you don’t have it.
  3. Turn off Find My IPhone. Go to settings, at the top, locate your name,tap on iCloud > Find My IPhone > Toggle Off. Enter you password.
  4. You must have backed up your data. The next thing is to plug your iPhone to your computer.
  5. Open iTunes and locate your iPhone icon.
  6. Use a special click to locate Restore IPhone Button. Use alt/option when clicking on Mac, and hold shift when clicking on PC.
  7. Windows will be opened, Locate the iOS 12 file you just downloaded and open it.
  8. Click Restore to erase and restore your iPhone.
  9. Do not panic when you see your iPhone restarting multiple times. It will eventually bring it back to iOS 12.3.1.

After the process has been completed, it’s left to you whether you want to restore from a locally made backup or from iTunes.

Hope you find this helpful?

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