Nintendo Switch Mini Design Leaked Online

In spite of numerous speculations spread all over the web in the last few years, concerning a lower-priced Nintendo Switch Mini console, Nintendo has not yet released any official statement regarding such a development. That could mean that the console doesn’t even exist, but the accessories created especially for a console of that kind could be a central component in the Nintendo Switch Mini rumor mix.

People have started to talk more about a possible Nintendo Switch Mini since April 2017, just a few weeks after the original Nintendo console was launched to the market after analysts foresaw a mini version would be released in 2019. As it is 2019, already, these speculations have doubled due to more detailed statements from the likes of Nikkei and The Wall Street Journal.

Chinese gaming accessory manufacturer HonSon has shared several accessories, specially created for the Nintendo Switch Mini. A few of the images in these listings depict an old prototype of the controller, but if these items are being produced as we speak, it would mean that HonSon may have got product size details and early diagrams for a new Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch Mini Design Leaked Online

The image uploaded by HonSon on their website, which depicts the console design, looks quite different than the previous Nintendo Switch Mini prototypes. However, information coming from a retailer would typically not convince people that a new console is being developed, but we know it’s common for smartphone designs to get leaked before official announcements because cases and accessories show up on the web before the actual launch of the device.

Accessory producers need the exact measurements before the release of the product to manufacturing cases and accessories in time for the device’s launch. That could be the case of the Nintendo Switch Mini console as well. Even though the design shown in the image might not be one hundred percent precise, the case should definitely be the right size.

When contacted by Nintendo Life, HonSon replied that they based the Nintendo Switch Mini images on classified information that they have received from the Japanese entertainment company. HonSon added that they are now waiting for confirmation from Nintendo to commence the production of the accessories for Nintendo switch Mini.

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