OnePlus 7 Pro Gets a New Update which Enhances the Camera

The OnePlus 7 Pro is among the best flagships phones recently released. After only a month following its May release, the Chinese tech giant behind the high-quality smartphone has launched a limited-edition Almond version of the device and initiated a new update for the device’s triple-rear camera.

The update, named 9.5.7GM21AA​, enhances the camera clarity and noise reduction. Above all, the camera levers colors and saturation levels, particularly with the wide-angle camera.

Besides the great cameras, the OnePlus 7 Pro features a smooth 90Hz display, an iconic pop-up front camera, and fast processing velocity. The smartphone has a price tag of $669 for the 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, being approximately $80 less than its Samsung Galaxy S10E and iPhone XR competition, which have comparable hardware.

Here are other optimizations the new update brings.

A more precise white balance: The update comes with enhanced white balance consistency of the triple-rear lenses and general contrast.

HDR looks quite the same: The camera’s HDR effect was also improved, the update fixing an issue of noise in some HDR views. However, it isn’t that much observable as there seems to be not much of a difference between two scenes captured with the HDR on.

Colors show better with the wide-angle lens: After the update, this was the biggest enhance observable, as the colors are more dynamic and more noticeable.

Enhanced clarity with telephoto: The update also improved the clarity of the telephoto lens, capturing more details and sharper outlines. The more apparent change is the enhancement in colors.

More dynamic portrait photos: The colors in portrait images look more vibrant and are more noticeable after the update rolled out. The skin tone is warmer, and reds and pinks are also lightened up. However, the blurred visual quality effect is still the same.

Nightscape and low light have been slightly enhanced: Even though the update states these improvements, they are quite unnoticeable, with not much changed. However, there is an impressive enhancement in the overall camera update.

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