PlayStation 5 Would Reportedly Be More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett was introduced as a concept by Microsoft at E3 2019. Before the briefing, it was made known via Twitter that sure developers informed individual reporters that the PlayStation 5 would be more powerful than the new Xbox.

This information is still reduced to a rumor because it has not been officially addressed as being true or false by Microsoft. Furthermore, the Xbox Scarlett briefing was too short to find out any revealing facts about the console.

It is known that the Xbox Scarlett will feature:

  • AMD processor, custom built, Ryzen 2 based
  • GPU, AMD NAVI based
  • 120 FPS capability
  • 8K resolution

So how would these components stack up with the known PlayStation 5 build?

PlayStation 5 Would Reportedly Be More Powerful Than Xbox Scarlett

The short answer to the question above is uncertain. The PlayStation 5 is known to have much of the same build and capabilities as Xbox Scarlett. So it will come down to hidden gems regarding the custom build for each console and component interaction.

Google Stadia will be used as a cloud gaming component for both companies. It is safe to say we are going to see backward compatibility on both consoles, allowing games to be played between different versions of the consoles. Those who prefer the Xbox Scarlett will be able to use Project xCloud to access games if an internet connection is present. Specs and pricing are unknown at this point for this feature.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to make PlayStation Now available as a streaming platform without the use of a console. On the confirmed game titles and exclusives side of things, the PlayStation 5 is confirmed to feature quite a long list of exclusives, as follows:

  • Call of Duty
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • The Elder Scrolls VI
  • Starfield
  • Rainbow Six: Siege

With the Xbox Scarlett featuring the anticipating Halo Infinite as a launch exclusive, at the moment at least, Sony’s PlayStation 5 leads.

So rumors will remain rumors, as no clear winner can be seen at this point between Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. However, there is still enough time to confirm superiority until the consoles are released.

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