Oppo Flagship Smartphone To Be The First One To Implement Under-Screen Selfie Camera

MWC Shanghai will see Chinese tech company, Oppo, be present at this year’s event. A new teaser guaranteed participation on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website. A new poster tells us that Oppo will be revealing their under-screen selfie camera on the 26th of June.

In the last year, all sorts of solutions were undertaken by OEMs to make a 100 percent front facing the screen with no interruption. Oppo will also feature a slider for the front-facing camera. Something that was also done by the OnePlus and Vivo.

A punch-hole front camera was seen late last year on the Huawei Nova 4i and the Samsung Galaxy A8s. Tech companies have the goal to offer consumers a smooth full front-facing screen, improving the ratio between the screen and body. A tweet was released from Oppo VP, Brian Shen, on June 3rd. This announcement featured a demo video of the expected Oppo phone that will feature an under screen front camera.

Oppo Flagship Smartphone To Be The First One To Implement Under-Screen Selfie Camera

One of the latest technologies featured on the phone cannot possibly provide peak quality. As evidenced by the sneak peek into the new Oppo phone, the technology is not as good as regular cameras as these have had many years to be perfected. Still, the tech is in the early stages of development so we can expect to see improvements until launch.

Oppo is flanked by other tech companies that are producing much the same tech on their phones. Xiaomi, one of these companies, that provided its own demo on their Mi 9. An upcoming phone that will come equipped with an under screen camera.

Oppo fans will not wait much longer for the official announcement concerning the new Oppo flagship smartphone. The teaser tweet gave way to an update from the company that will come a week from now, with a probable launch sometime in the next year or two. This Oppo flagship smartphone would be the first to sport under-screen selfie camera.

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