Microsoft Might Only Be Working On A Single ‘Project Scarlett’ Xbox Next-Gen Console, Not Two

The long-time rumored Xbox next-generation console is said to wear the name of ‘Project Scarlett,’ and that it is supporting two systems. Microsoft has unveiled its exclusive consoles at this year’s E3 event, one that goes by the codename of ‘Anaconda,’ and the other, a lower-specifications version allegedly dubbed ‘Lockhart.’ Both these controllers are said to be in the works.

But now, it seems that things have changed a bit. This goes back to last year’s E3 conference, where Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced that tech giant Microsoft was developing several brand new consoles. Spencer now explains that Microsoft has already ferried a new controller, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and revealed another new one with Project Scarlett. This makes them two.

“Last year we said consoles, and we’ve shipped a console, and we’ve now detailed another console. I think that’s plural,” Spencer said. “Technically, that is plural,” he added with a laugh.

Microsoft Might Only Be Working On A Single ‘Project Scarlett’ Xbox Next-Gen Console, Not Two

Xbox chief said that the developing team and the company is highly focused on Project Scarlett and what they present fans with. Aside from this interview with Business Insider, there are others gave at E3 2019, in which Spencer never clearly states that Project Scarlett is the codename of one controller or multiple systems.

The launch of Project Scarlett is scheduled for the holiday season of 2020, but is quite a long time until then, so plans can change, as people are speculating. Spencer told Business Insider that numerous reports are appearing that the leaked next-generation Xbox two SKU strategy is delayed for now, and Microsoft might jump into next-generation with one SKU.

However, he claimed that he has no updates on this matter other than the fact that plans can definitely change as there is still a long time until the scheduled release. Also, we know for sure that Halo Infinite will be released as a launch game for the new Project Scarlett console.

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