Microsoft released its Windows Terminal as an Early Preview Version

Tech giant Microsoft has noted during the Build developer conference last month that it was reconsidering its latest software’s command line instrument. The new tool meant for the Windows 10, which the company prosaically named ‘Windows Terminal,’ was launched today on the company’s store as a quite an early glimpse.

The brand new app sports an updated interface with support for custom themes, numerous tabs, and various other customization options. Microsoft has also incorporated GPU-accelerated text rendering as a support for numerous emoji and fonts because text is such a crucial component of the app.

The new Windows Terminal will not replace Command Prompt right away. Microsoft has announced at Build developers conference of this year that it was taking into consideration options for placing Windows Terminal as the new default command line instrument. However, for now, the company is keeping the current state of things with Command Prompt. That is mostly because the company had some reasons to do so, but it most probably origins from the fact that Windows Terminal is not quite ready to make a grand appearance just yet.

The company said in the Microsoft Store description that the tool is a very early preview release which contains several usability issues, in particular, the lack of support for assistive technology. A lot of the internal efforts to support this are already completed, and it is the company’s top focus to support assistive technology very soon.

We think that Windows Terminal might not have been launched so soon if it hadn’t had been given a mid-June release date at the Build developers event.

Windows Terminal is being worked on as an open source project. Interested users can watch the app’s progress on GitHub, or, if they want, implicate into its development themselves. Microsoft has not announced yet when it intends to launch a non-preview version of the app.

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