Microsoft Works On Launching A Foldable Surface Tablet In 2020

It is already known that Microsoft is working on a foldable Surface tablet, but many details remained shrouded in mystery for a long while. According to an article offered by a reliable source, Microsoft plans to reveal the upcoming device by June 2020. The primary aim is to release the device in the first months of 2020, but there is a chance that it will surface in the first quarter of the year.

Here’s what we know about next Microsoft foldable Surface tablet


The next foldable Surface tablet will use a pair of 9-inch panels which are connected in the middle. A 4:3 aspect ratio is expected. The device will run Windows Core OS, a new and enhanced version of Windows. The build used by the tablet will likely be optimized for foldable devices, and the unusual aspect ratio.

Microsoft may opt to use Intel’s 10nm system-on-ac-chip Lakefield range and pair with a permanent network connection option in the form of support for LTE or 5G.

Android Apps

A surprising move comes in the form of support for Android apps, a feature which was requested by fans for a long while. The function may allow users to enjoy Android apps created with foldable devices in mind without forcing Microsoft to develop or require ports of these apps for its equipment.

Windows Core

While the various versions of Windows 10 share a lot of traits, there are still several features and functions limited to some platforms. Windows Core will serve as a foundation for future versions of Windows by allowing the company to add and remove dedicated features a specific platform without hassles. More importantly, a feature which was created with one device in mind can be ported to other platforms without the need to start from scratch in each case.


Some voices also claim that the future Microsoft foldable Surface tablet will be compatible with the popular iCloud service offered by Apple, but that remains to be seen.

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