PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett Might Lack Innovation But Represent A Significant Leap Forward

Neither PlayStation nor Xbox has unveiled much detail about their respective next-generation consoles, but there is speculation that they are quite the same as their predecessors, but a fresher touch. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett would come out in late-2020.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett are a significant leap forward

Ubisoft’s executive director for EMEA territories Alain Corre started that he is excited for the next-generation controllers, which he believes portray a substantial jump in the industry. When asked whether the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will be the last home consoles, Corre said that it entirely depends on fans’ requirements and the game streaming services.

He continued stating that the next-generation of consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, is a significant leap from the actual generation, and for the game creators, this is incredible since they have always been prone to try to capture the ‘cutting edge of what technology can offer.’

According to Corre, developers are always looking for ways to surprise and innovate, and technology enables them to reach unknown fields and to come with something unique. The new technologies will offer new elements to enhance the quality of the gameplay.

Microsoft has commented on the SSD and spoke about the fact that they want to decrease the loading times. This is a quite crucial issue, and it is a revolution for game players. Also, the graphics will be improved, as the consoles will offer 8K from 4K.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett would be enough to satisfy next-gen gamers’ needs

As can be seen, Corre implies that in spite of a lack of imagination, just the enhancement in technology will be sufficient to drastically improve games, which will then be attractive to gamers.
People tend to often depreciate graphical improvements as not that significant, but the market says the opposite. In the meantime, the rise in power and features will correspond correctly with the progress made in domains such as AI.

Simply put, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett don’t have to fiddle around, they just have to offer an excellent template for developers to work with. Players might not get novelty in the way they play games, but the games will definitely evolve.

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