How to Fix Lost Connection in Garena Free Fire

lost connection garena free fire

Have you ever come across a situation whereby you lost connection in Garena Free Fire game unexpectedly? How frustrating is it? I remembered the other day; I was really enjoying the game when my device just lost connection.

Garena Free Fire is a type of game that needs a standard connection for it to run perfectly. Even with a fair connection, you notice that the game lags. My point is; you have to make sure your connection is very stable. If you were playing Free Fire and you lost connection, it could be as a result of a poor signal, it could also be a problem from your device. Let me show you ways in which you can get it fixed.

How to Fix Lost Connection in Free Fire

Take note that loss of connection is due to poor signal, unstable Wi-Fi connection, or problems from your device. In order to get it fixed, you should try these tips:

  1. Stable Wi-Fi Connection – There has to be a good connection for you to run free fire without getting logged out or losing connection. It is not satisfactory to connect to a random Wi-Fi. Using a factory or company’s Wi-Fi, you know that it is likely to be poor because of the level of people using it. However, if you are connected to a personal Wi-Fi then you are good to go.
  2. Avoid Using Mobile Data – If you are using his/her data to play the game and lost connection unexpectedly, the problem is likely to recur even with a Wi-Fi connection. Use a Wi-Fi connection to run free fire. If you still experience loss of connection, you should turn off the connection and turn it back on

These are just tips to help you solve the problem. If after trying them out and you still have a lost connection, then you should contact the developers of the game.

Were you able to resolve the “lost connection in Garena Free Fire” problem? Let us know by placing a comment below.

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