Red Dead Online Custom Characters: What’s New So Far?

Fans have been saying that they have no issue whatsoever with Red Dead Online. Other than subpar character creation. If you have played this mode then you know something for sure.

That the most eagle-eyed of people could not spot the difference between character features.

The blandness and weirdness of Red Dead Online character customization are made more obvious when the player rolls out and meets the game’s first NPCs.

With big differences in skin textures, eyes, and jawlines. I am wondering why the NPC look better than the playable character you choose for yourself.

New character customization

The devs over at Rockstar are introducing a new and improved character creator, much to the satisfaction of everyone. The game will be merely updated and the new feature will be accessible.

Players will have the ability to alter their character’s appearance without losing their game progress. All playstyle preferences will be retained as well.

Rockstar has a very productive and positive attitude when it comes to the continued development of their games. Much of this is owed to their constant interactions with players.

The company encourages feedback and constructive criticism from fans and are always trying to improve their games, to create a better experience.  And I think it shows.


This positive change has been well received by players as franchise games such as this one tend to get a lot of immersion and emotional involvement.

The way to playable character is styled says much about the player’s personality and about the playstyle during the game. Especially with modern games having more and more decision points that affect outcomes in many ways.

Read Dead Online lets the players choose which situations they want to engage with and which to ignore as well. Morality is one of the big choices as well, with “good”, “evil” or “grey” being gameplay options.

This summer will see the game receive another update. This will feature role choices, upgraded bounty hunting, trading, and collecting. With the May update adding more content, in the form of random events and poker.

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