Elder Scrolls Online: Error 209 [Expert Fix]

elder scrolls online error 209

Did you get the Elder Scrolls Online error 209 problem?

This is a major problem among ESO gamers while attempting to run the ESO launcher. However, we will show you how to resolve this problem

Fix: Elder Scrolls Online Error 209

Solution 1: Temporarily disable security software

Follow the steps below to disable security

  • Launch your firewall to disable the software security
  • Change rule of the gaming app launcher to make it a trusted application
  • After applying the steps above, close and restart ESO launcher.

Solution 2: Run ESO as an admin

If you desire to run the game as an administrator, follow the steps below:

  • Close the ESO Launcher.
  • Select run as administrator by right clicking the gaming menu.
  • Select properties, compatibility, finally select apply when the run as administrator option pops up.
  • Select OK. Allow to activate and close launcher.
  • Open Launcher.

Solution 3: Repair the Game client

This step is very easy and fast. You can try this option if other option did not provide a solution. To do this;

  • Launch the software
  • Select Game Options.
  • Click on Repair to fix this error.
  • Allow the software process
  • After processing, turn of your computer and reboot.
  • Relaunch the gaming software again to be sure error has been fixed.

Solution 4: Delete Patcher program data and files

Delete patcher program data files by following these steps:

  • Go to the patch’s install folder and delete files from PC
  • For Windows: go to C:\Program Files (x86)ZenimaxOnline\Launcher and then locate program file
  • For Mac OSX: go to Applications\ Zenimax Online\Launcher, and then locate program files
  • After locating the program files, click on delete..
  • Close the launcher and reopen.
  • After reopening a menu saying creating download will display on you computer screen.
  • When download gets to 30%, a menu will display on your pc screen saying: “downloading game files”
  • Afterwards, initiate the game and start playing.

Note: If you couldn’t solve the Elder Scrolls Online error 209 with the solutions above, simply delete/reinstall game again.

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