Fatal Error ESO Launcher: Fatal Error 6, Fatal Error 11 and Fatal Error 12

fatal error eso launcher

Fatal Error ESO Launcher: Fatal Error 6, Fatal Error 11 and Fatal Error 12

If fatal error has displayed on the screen of your launcher while trying to launch, this may be because your game file has a fault that needs to be repaired. You can repair this problem easily by applying any of the solutions mentioned below.

Fix: Fatal Error ESO Launcher

Solution 1: Repair ESO Launcher

Follow these steps to repair ESO launcher:

  • Navigate to Open The ESO launcher
  • Select run as administrator
  • Allow game file load for some minutes.
  • After the gaming file has been set as administrator, locate and click repair.
  • Grant launcher permission to screen all files properly to be sure all files are good. If any faulty files are found, launcher automatically corrects error.

Solution 2: Delete ESO Launcher folder

Another way to fix fatal error is to delete folder. To do this:

  • Go to the Launcher folder on your windows (C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\Launcher) and select delete.
  • For Mac book simply Open Finder
  • Go to Applications, select Zenimax Online folder and delete.

Solution 3: Download New ESO Launcher

After deleting the ESO launcher, try to reinstall another launcher on your device.  To download new launcher:

  • Log into your ESO account.
  • From the menu displayed on your window, select\ and click download
  • after completing download, allow your ESO launcher update
  • Then download and install the launcher game client.

Note: If you are purchasing from the online stores, simply follow the code assigned to your ESO account, install and log in. After doing this, your game launcher should be back to order.


If all the steps below are readily followed and adhered to, the fatal error eso launcher problem should be resolved. If the above solution does not satisfy your request, simply contact the customer help service online to rectify problem.

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