How to Reset/Delete Garena Free Fire Account

reset delete garena free fire account

In this post, we’ll be showing you how to reset or delete Garena Free Fire account.

Garena is a prominent game publishing firm, which offers exciting video games across multiple platforms (mobile/desktop/console). The firm’s platform is proprietary-built, requiring gamers to sign up before they can access/play the myriads of games the site offers. One of these games is Free Fire.

However, there are times when, due to one reason or another, you may want/have to delete or reset your account. And we’ll be showing you how to do this herein.

How to Reset/Delete Garena Free Fire Account

Garena Free Fire is a mobile game, which is aptly supported on iOS and Android smartphones/tablets. And as a game that offers a near-perfect experience of PUGB, albeit on a smaller screen, its “player-base” is quite significant.

Anyway, should you feel the need to delete your account, here is a safe and easy way to do so:

  • Navigate to Garena’s website.
  • Sign in with your credentials to open your account window.
  • In the window, navigate to the Garena
  • In the tab, select Account Settings.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to remove your profile and associated information.
  • Confirm action (if prompted) and save the new settings to finish up.
  • Exit window.

This way, you’ve effectively deleted your account. However, you should note that deleting Garena account does not only deny you access to Free Fire; you’d also be denied access to other Garena games, should you decide to play any of them.

Furthermore, Garena, by default, automatically deletes an account after six months of inactivity. So, you can easily leave your account untouched, and Garena would do the job (remove your account) for you.

How to Recover Free Fire Account

Players are known to forget their passwords, in which case, they are denied access and are unable to play Free Fire and other Garena games. If you’re in this situation, you can easily reset/recover your password, whether your account is registered via email or Facebook.

To recover your account, simply go to the designated account (password) reset/recovery site here. And follow the recovery link(s) as prompted.

Consequently, your password is safely reset and your access is safely restored. You can then enjoy your game unhindered.

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