How To Fix “Unable To Load” Error In PUBG Mobile And Garena Free Fire

unable to load error pubg mobile free fire

Internet games have made their way to the interest of the game community. The two most played internet games in our recent time are PUBG mobile and Garena Free Fire. Moreover, we still have some users who face some challenges with the server. It came to my attention about a year ago, I used to have these two games on my Android device.

One day, I took my phone to keep myself company with Free Fire. I got stuck in the loading process, it was taking ages. I disconnected my router and connected to another, then it worked well. But when I use my router, it’s the same issue. My Free Fire game would get stuck in the loading process but PUBG mobile would display different error codes.

Instances like this, you should have in mind that the problem source is not the router. The problem is in your network settings. The issue is based in the DNS server. To fix this, ensure to follow the required procedures below.

How To Fix Internet Connection In PUBG Mobile And Garena Free Fire

For Android Device

  1. Got to your Settings > Connections > WiFi.
  2. Hold on the connected network button.
  3. Click on Modify Network (Manage Network).
  4. Locate the option Advanced Settings and then click on IP Settings.
  5. Check DHCP to static under DNS 1 & DNS 2. Make sure to put in for DNS 1. And for DNS 2.

It is also important that you check PUBG mobile ‘Ping And Radio Communication System. Open DNS;

For DNS 1 – Put in

For DNS 2 – Put in

For IOS Device

If you are using the iOS device, the procedures are the same. It simply involves the process of changing DNS address. Ensure to follow the steps accordingly. After completing the process, restart the game and it should work perfectly fine.

Hope you were able to fix the ‘unable to load’ error in both PUGB mobile and Free Fire? Share your game issues with us by dropping a comment below.

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