Google Android Messages Experiments With New Camera Features

With alternatives like WhatsApp or Telegram as an online messenger, you could be wondering what the point of Google Android Messages is. Well, any phone comes with an SMS function, as a default app. It’s not the most interactive thing you’ll ever see, but it’s compatible with all devices.

Everyone knows how to write a text, even your grandma, and it requires less connectivity. Android Messages is a replacement to the default SMS app on Android devices. The app has a clean look and is simple to use. Be on the lookout for it in the future as Google will slowly but surely elevate it to new levels.

New Camera Features for Google Android Messages

The Android Messages app from Google sees quite a bit of experimentation with its camera features. Taking a page from Snapchat and Instagram, Google wants funnier photos.

Users of the app currently have access to five camera filters. These are balloons, fireworks, confetti, plane, and angel. These filters can be found in the camera viewfinder in the effects tab. Such pictures can be sent as SMS, MMS or RCS.

Snapchat and Instagram have made these filters popular among smartphone users. Google wants to get in on the action, but its testing is underwhelming compared to the number of filters other platforms have. So it should be a safe bet not to see Google come out with a lot of filters very soon.

Android Messages To Be a Reliable iMessages Alternative for Android

Despite being behind, Google is making efforts to have Android Messages keep up with iMessage, Apple’s iOS alternative for SMS apps. But because of early testing, not all of Google Android Messages’ users will have access to the camera filters.

We should not count Google out though. They are known for their near constant testing as evidence with their experiment with message reminders and business verification recently. Both of which being features in the Android Messages app.

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