Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaked Renders Revealed A Design With No Physical Buttons

The world has seen a lot from smartphone manufacturers in 2019, from Samsung in particular. Multiple Samsung Galaxy S10 phones have been released along with a mid-level Galaxy A50. If we’re not counting the Galaxy Fold incident, this has been a good year for Samsung so far. Brooklyn, New York will hold an event where Samsung should reveal the Galaxy Note 10 in an official capacity. This will take place this summer, on the 7th of August.

Samsung has offered very little details concerning the upcoming phone, but leakers have been busy. Offering up some images of a possible Plus sized Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaked Renders

The leaked photos are not verified, but they have the phone’s name on the loading screen. The leak comes to us by way of Youtube. A very helpful subscriber has sent the leaked photos to a tech-related channel.

What little we can figure out from the Galaxy Note 10 leaked renders is that there is a single front-facing punch hole camera. Something that is different compared to the Galaxy S10 with its two cameras on the front, top-right corner. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus shows a single camera in the center.

Furthermore, we can see three cameras on the rear of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. These are arranged vertically as opposed to the S10 horizontal arrangement.

Galaxy Note 10 Would Come Without Physical Buttons

Something else we can’t see is buttons. Samsung could go for a design with no physical buttons on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but pretty reliable sources say that this is not the case. Although the company has experimented with no buttons approach, it was concluded that it was not competent enough.

After years of outrage, smartphone customers are still talking about headphone jacks on their devices. So it would not come as a surprise that people are wondering if the Galaxy Note 10 Plus will have one or not. We would love to tell you, but the photos do not confirm or deny it.

Samsung was asked for a comment about the presence of the headphone jack and the leaked photos in general, but no response was given.

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