PlayStation 5 Release Date Update – It Might Around The Launch Of Xbox Scarlett

Sony has given no official release date concerning its PlayStation 5, not even a tiny teaser about the window of time in which we could expect the new console. The only thing we can run on is actually the release of its primary competitor, Xbox Scarlett.

Xbox Scarlett is known to release in late 2020, so one would assume that Sony is going to release their console at around the same time. This is what people working in the tech and gaming industries are saying about it. But a few contradict the educated guess and say that the PlayStation 5 launch would probably happen in 2021.

PlayStation 5 Release Date Update

However, we can reflect on the launch of past gaming consoles. With the PS4 and Xbox One being closely released, with only seven days between them.

The PS3 and the Xbox 360 do not present the same case, the consoles being released a whole year from one another. This leads us to believe that although there is a precedent, nothing can be sure concerning the release dates.

At present, the consoles are linked whether the companies want to or not. This is because gamers and the press are continually talking about them, and they are constantly comparing them as well. Accordingly, as Xbox Scarlett would launch in the holiday season of 2020, PlayStation 5 might soon follow its competitor.

The Competition Between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett

So it does not seem Sony can afford to be so late with the PlayStation 5 release, compared to the Xbox Scarlett. The most they have is a month or two, by the end of next year. That is, depending on the exact date when Scarlett will launch.

However, the silence from Sony does not necessarily mean they will launch later than Microsoft. The silence could break anytime, and we could find out their release date will come much sooner than that of the Xbox Scarlett. The absence of information is leading people to believe Sony will release PlayStation 5 later. But we think that the marketing opportunities of the year-end holidays just cannot be missed.

On the other hand, PlayStation 5 benchmark score leaks reveal that the console is already under development, so it might get out sooner than rumored.

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