Google Pixel 4 Comes with Photography Features and P3 Technology

Google surprises us for some time with its improved capabilities on the photography segment. What it’s more surprising is the fact that the Google Pixel smartphones are even better than the ones with dual or triple sensors camera, and the score for the images are high. However, we are hopeful that Google Pixel 4 that will come on the market in October, it will be a bigger surprise than the previous versions. At I/O 2019, Google said that the P3 technology would be added to the phone, and it will support the full-color spectrum.

Google Pixel 4 with P3 Support

All the information about the P3 support is coming from XDA Developers, and the changes will be on the Android operation system, camera, and some photo apps section. If you are wondering what this P3 technology means is we can explain why it’s so important. By having the full-color spectrum (P3), you will have a camera that will capture a higher range for colors. The funny fact is that Android has P3 support, but it is covering only the screen.

Moving on to the Google Pixel 4, we can expect from Google to add the P3 in the future. Also, if you are questioning the way an Apple can make those beautiful pictures, well with the P3 support it’s the way. Because of the P3 support that most of the Android devices don’t have, the difference is notable when pictures are taken with an iPhone and send it to an Android.

Finally, Google wants to add the P3 features to Google Pixel 4, and maybe to be part of the Android. If that happens, the Android will contain the P3 support then every phone with Android OS will have this feature. We are sure that Google is planning to shake for good the smartphone market with the new upgrade for the cameras and the P3.

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