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This one is for the sports lovers that are always fighting to find a proper channel. Unfortunately, the sports channels on TV are expensive, so the alternative it’s to find something satisfying online. Of course, you will need an Internet Connection and a device (phone, tablet, and computer), but the essential part is to find online sites with free content. We will show you a list to watch sports channels for free.

  1. ESPN – here you can watch sports such as tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, and basketball. You will have access to live streams, you will have variety on content, but you will have locked content too. The site is working with subscribers also, so you will see that a few are available.
  2. Facebook Watch – you will find almost any sports. The tricky part here is that your viewing is limited per week and user. You can’t view all that you want every day, but if you’re going to see something now and then, it will suit you. Of course, you can use your Facebook account, and the access is free, and you will find out about several sports categories.
  3. Laola1 – the categories are multiple on this Austrian site, so you the access is from all over the world, and the sports are from across the globe.
  4. Reddit – you heard about Reddit for sure, so this site is offering more like a community source for sports. But at the same time, you can find links that will direct you to live streams, because the website does not stream directly. Take note that, with a community this big and an unofficial source, you can always meet malicious links and ads.
  5. Stream2Watch – from rugby, baseball, to other games, you can watch this free site and find what your heart desires. Unfortunately, like many sites with online content, ads are everywhere, but Ad blockers are the best solution for this issue. If you don’t like to search on the web for streaming games, this site is doing the job for you.
  6. Time4TV – more than 50 channels and real-time content. You don’t need signup, it’s allowing access from all over the world, and you will find a lot of available links.
  7. SonyLIV – from cricket to FA Soccer, this site is an excellent streaming alternative for premium channels. You don’t need a subscription, but the site is giving you access if you are from India, so you must use a VPN.

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