Fix: Nintendo Switch Wi-Fi not working

nintendo switch wifi not working

A technological marvel from Nintendo is the Switch. With the Switch, you can enjoy the handheld console thrill and at-home experience. Above all, it comes in a very portable package.

Recently, some players have had small challenges with this cool gaming tool. One of these issues is on Wi-Fi connectivity not working.

While many of the Nintendo Switches have been reported not connecting to Wi-Fi or even, occasionally been disconnected, there have not been any update on software to fully tackle this issue.

Fix: Nintendo Switch Wi-Fi not working

Panic not, there has been a solution that is not yet official. This solution has assisted a good number of Nintendo Switch owners. So far, it has helped in regaining connectivity to Wi-Fi.

Follow these steps to fix the Nintendo Switch problem.

  • First of all, reboot your Nintendo switch. Power it off, then on it. This process will ensure that the software of the console isn’t disturbing the connectivity.
  • The next step is to turn off your router. Let few seconds pass. Now turn it on again. Sometimes, a 2.4GHz router may not be capable of supplying the switch. You can use the one with 5GHz band.
  • For a strong signal to the switch, make your router antennas point upward. Also, make sure they are well extended.
  • If you have dense materials on the walls, or large objects which are metals, check them. Obstruction may cause the connectivity issue.
  • In case it still fails to connect, then you can change the channel of the router. Try changing it to 1, 6, and then 11. Observe which of the channel brings the switch the best signal.
  • By default, the DNS configuration is automatically set. Do a manual setting of the DNS server. Ensure that both DNS servers match – that of your ISP and the Nintendo switcher.

These steps should help you fix it.  If it fails, a hard reset or professional repair may be required.

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