Nintendo Switch Mini Leak Might Be Accurate, According To New Information

The internet rumor machine is always hard at work, and a new rumor focuses on upcoming Nintendo Switch models. In recent months, a large number of sources claimed that Nintendo is working on a new pair of Switch consoles. One of them should be a beefier version of the standard Switch model, while the other could be a more affordable version, known as Nintendo Switch Mini.

The company claimed that the rumors were fake, but new information has appeared. An article published by a reliable news outlet claims that Nintendo will announce the new consoles, and a leaked render showcases what seems to be the cheaper Switch model, the Nintendo Switch Mini. Further information may confirm the previous leak as the real deal.

Nintendo Switch Mini leak might be real after all

When the leaked render surfaced, some argued that it should be taken with a grain of salt. A Chinese gaming accessory manufacturer leaked the image. A reporter approached the company, and an employee stated that the company developed the accessories with the help of secret information, and mass production will begin after Nintendo will officially announce the new models.

The Nintendo Switch Mini console will be a bit smaller in comparison to the regular model, but it will likely retain the same performance. Leaks like this are not spectacular since many accessory manufacturers receive access to select specifications in advance, so they have enough time to develop and deliver their products.

Nintendo would also launch a superior Nintendo Switch model

The specs of the more powerful Nintendo Switch model remain elusive, but it is thought that it will offer a superior gaming experience in comparison to the baseline version. It’s a good idea to keep your expectations low since 4K or HDR is unlikely for a portable console. However, the new model may run certain games at a higher level of graphics quality or a better FPS.

Data miners explored the new 5.0 firmware and found traces of a new T214 chip and an enhanced circuit print which offers support for 8GB of RAM.

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