GBWhatsapp’s Latest Anti-Ban 7.20 Update is Now Available for Download

When it comes to chatting apps, WhatsApp is the most famous one in the world having more than one billion monthly active users. The reason why this chatting app is so popular is because it gives users access to a variety of features that make it easier for them to express themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no other app which offers a better user experience and more powerful features than WhatsApp.

There is a special version of WhatApp that has been modded with a bundle of cool features such as the ability to hide the last seen online status and it is called GBWhatsapp. Everyone who chooses to install GBWhatsapp instead of WhatsApp agrees that the modded version is much better because of the awesome features that it has to offer. To make things even better, GBWhatsapp benefits from the same constant stream of updates as the original version of WhatsApp does.

GBWhatsapp 7.20 Update

What makes GBWhatsapp stand out is the fact that obviously, it’s equipped with features that the developers of WhatsApp don’t agree with. This is why they have decided to automatically ban everyone who decides to install GBWhatsapp instead of the original app. Fortunately, the folks who are in charge of GBWhatsapp have moved quickly and released the 7.20 update which takes care of this problem.

The new 7.20 update is a lightweight release which weighs in at 28MB. In addition, all GBWhatsapp users are required to delete all previous versions of the app before installing the new update.

What’s New?

Nonetheless, the new update for GBWhatsapp serves one single purpose and that is to make sure that users can’t be banned by WhatsApp for using the modded app. This is why we are advising all GBWhatsapp fans to download the new 7.20 release as soon as possible.

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