Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update is Now Live with Powerful Bug Fixes

One of the biggest downsides of using Facebook is the fact that the app uses up lots of hardware resources in order to run at peak performance levels. The problem here is that people who use older or entry-level smartphones as their daily carriers will not be able to enjoy the premium Facebook user experience. Fortunately, the developers of Facebook are aware that not everyone is able to afford to spend one thousand dollars on the latest smartphones and they have created a lightweight version of the social media app.

The lightweight version of Facebook is called Facebook Lite and just like the original app, it ships with a standalone chatting app which is called Messenger Lite. Nonetheless, today we want to present the latest update for Messenger Lite and showcase all the new bug fixes and software changes that it brings so that all Facebook Lite users know what to expect.

Messenger Lite Beta Update

Messenger Lite is a great chatting app that weighs in at less than 10MB of internal storage space. This makes Messenger Lite the perfect app for smartphones that do not support microSD cards and internal storage space is considered a rare commodity. Moreover, Messenger Lite benefits from a constant stream of updates that are taking its performances to the next level and a new one has just arrived.

The latest update for Messenger Lite sports the beta version number and we are advising everyone who enjoys using the chatting app to download the new update as soon as possible. The reason why we are saying this is because the new update is packed with a handful of bug fixes that take care of various issues which sometimes caused the chatting app to lag. In addition, the overall performances of Messenger Lite are being taken to the next level as well.

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