GBWhatsapp 7.20 Anti-Ban Update is Now Available for Download with Improved User Security

GBWhatsapp is a more improved version of WhatsApp and it brings lots of cool features to users that the developers of WhatsApp don’t agree with. Some of these features are things such as the ability to hide the last seen status and to share full HD videos of larger sizes than usual. Considering that GBWhatsapp offers such a wide range of awesome features, it should come as no surprise that lots of WhatsApp users decided to ditch the original version and to download the modded one instead.

On the downside of things, GBWhatsapp has grabbed the attention of the company that owns WhatsApp. The reason why this is a bad thing is because WhatsApp started banning everyone who uses GBWhatsapp. Luckily, the developers of GBWhatsapp didn’t waste any time and they have created a new 7.20 update which sports the 2.19.53 version code and this is an “anti-ban” update.

GBWhatsapp 7.20 Anti-Ban Update

Even though the folks who are in charge of WhatsApp are doing their best to keep users from downloading and installing GBWhatsapp, this is never going to happen because the new 7.20 anti-ban update is making sure that users of the modded chatting app can’t get banned. To make things even better, the new update weighs in at only 28MB.

High-Priority Release

With that said, we are advising everyone who enjoys accessing the premium features that GBWhatsapp offers to download the new update as soon as possible. There are two methods to download the new update with the first one being to simply connect the smartphone to a stable Wi-Fi network and then to wait for the update to arrive via OTA (over the air) channels.

The second method is a bit more tricky because it involves manually downloading and installing the update in the form of APK. What GBWhatsapp users need to keep in mind is that they are first required to enable the “Unknown Sources” option on their smartphones in order to install APK releases.

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