Android Q Beta 5 Leaks Revealed New Assistant Gesture Animation And More

Leaks concerning the Android Q Beta 5 are coming in with increased frequency. Reddit has given us a report that a US carrier is testing loads of features at the moment. These include a setting for Back Sensitivity and snazzy gesture control that triggers a command in the assistant, presumably useful for navigation while in a vehicle.

No gesture prompted animations were previously thought to be incorporated in the OS so far. With Beta 4 only presenting some haptic feedback accompanied by the assistant locking into place. A new setting has been spotted to the right of the Gesture Navigation option. It can be accessed by tapping a little cog icon. We need to thank Reddit for this one once again.

The Back Sensitivity feature has four settings that range from low to high on the slider and is uncertain what that controls. But we guess it has something to do with the gesture that controls sliding menus.

Android Q Beta 5 to come with new gesture animation

The new animation presents some corner brackets that are not certain at this point. But it shows a row of colors in Google, which is like a Chromebook color mixer that travels from the edge until it reaches a center position. Followed up by the assistant sliding into place.

The previously observed Assistant UI had the same color configuration that was placed in the lower part of the display. The video that was leaked shows the tester trying the new gesture animation. Something that, along with the Back Gesture setting, gives proper evidence on substantial changes in Android Q Beta 5.

Other bits of information concerning Android Q Beta 5 has also been made available. They mainly concern minor bug fixes from other betas but be on the lookout for new developments as we are closely monitoring rumors and leaks.

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