Google Stadia – New Details On Multiplayer and VR Games

Information is slowly coming out concerning Google Stadia. The streaming service for games everyone is waiting for. Most of the company’s comments were made at E3 2019, but new information has surfaced on Google’s Support section. Gamers can look up the Stadio FAQ page and read up on the update.

The Google Stadia Pro subscription is a premium account that includes access to some games within the price. If a player chooses to discontinue their Pro subscription, the game progress will be saved in case they want to reaccess it on the paid service.

If you are not connected to your home WiFi, you can still use the Stadia controller with a USB connection with PCs or Android devices. Stadia uses a Bluetooth Low Energy connection and follows up with linking with a WiFi network.

Google Stadia revealed new details on multiplayer and VR games

The Stadia controller has been designed to function like an HID device. Just connect it via USB, and it will work in connection with other platforms. Four controllers can be paired on a single account. Useful for playing games that are exclusive to multiplayer based on co-op.

Rumors have been circulating on whether Google Stadia will get VR games. These are more demanding than regular games as they need to run on a minimum of 90 FPS. The FAQ page states that there is no news concerning VR on Stadia. So, safe to say it won’t be a thing.

You will be able to keep your purchased games on Stadia permanently. Utilizing the same system like other platforms such as Steam and GOG, the player keeps purchases even if the publisher recalls a game. Google Stadia is promising to be excellent. It’s from Google, it’s interactive, consumer-friendly, and easy to use, so there’s nothing that could go wrong.

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