Top 5 Best Amazon App Store Alternatives Available to Download

Amazon App Store is probably one of the best stores for apps out there. It is quite different, and it is affiliated with everything Kindle is. If you think that’s not enough for you, here are the best five alternatives.


This one allows you to quickly search, browse, and install apps on your Android device. It is an independent Android app which makes it easier for you to discover the top apps out there. There’s no limitation. It also offers you the ultimate channels to share your games and apps.


This one is one of the leading app directories out there. It comes with millions of apps. It also has to do with the management of the apps. It allows you to share the apps with your friends with no worries. You can install the apps from the market, or the apks of certain games.

Google Play Store

We have all used this one before. It is reasonable since it is the official leading app for all the Android devices. We are talking about millions of apps and games available on this platform. You can get apps and games from the official website, and from the Google Play Store app on your phone. All the Android devices come with Google Play Store pre-installed.


This one not only provides apps for your mobile device, but also for your tablets. It is based on two methods: you can get access via the official website, or by using the app – they are both free. It also has a platform for app developers. If you’re a developer, this one is going to be a great help for you.


This one is a third-party app, but it is among the best ones. It is totally free, and the user interface is friendly. You do not only get apps and games, but also eBooks and music. You don’t need a license to use this app

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