Top 5 F-Droid Alternatives Available to Download and Install

F-Droid is that app store for the Android devices from where they can get tons of apps. Besides those who are free, it also offers apps that are open source. However, if, for some reason, you don’t like it, here are five apps to use instead of F-Droid.


This one is an independent app provider for many mobile operating systems. It also has themes, apks, games, and many apps. As of now, there are about one million apps and games available on GetJar. Interestingly, most of these app platforms don’t even provide APK for rare apps. This one does, and you’ll find it funny to browse it. You can also publish your app here.


This one comes as the provider of free and open-source games for Android. It is not actually an independent app store, given the fact that the F-Droid backs it. However, you are still able to get access to the different levels of apps for Android – those who are hard to find in the official Android App store. It has categories of apps and games just like Google Play does, so it is easier to find what you need.

1Mobile Market

This one is among the newest ones there. It is straightforward to download the apps and the games from this market. It has two types of apps: those who are available at the official Google Play Store, and those that are the developed apps coming from 1Mobile Market. It has almost 1.6 million games and apps.

Blackmart Alpha

This one allows you to download the apps on your Android and tablet devices. It’s the perfect substitute to the Google Play Store. However, you need to keep in mind that the way it works is quite different than the other app providers. The app is available in form of an app, so the users need to download the apps right from the Blackmart Alpha.

Amazon App Store

As you’ve probably already realized, this one is managed by Amazon. This one only comes with its own developed apps. We know that it is also the developer for Kindle, but the amount of apps for Android is much more tremendous. This one also comes with a specific place for app developers, too.

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