Nintendo Switch Lite Finally Announced For 2019 Launch

There were a lot of rumors about a possible launch of Nintendo Switch Pro for this year, but Nintendo clearly announced there wouldn’t be a launch for this model in 2019. After the developers announced the launch date for Nintendo Switch Lite, they specified that no other new Switch model would launch this year. We were a little disappointed, but this announcement only means we will have to wait a little bit longer for the new model.

A known fact is that Nintendo wants to change the standard Switch model, as it filed a new listing with the American FCC (The Federal Communications Commission) to request for Class II Permissive Change. The developers use this request when they want to change or upgrade something on the devices they created, and it reveals us the standard Switch will have an improved processor and flash storage.

Nintendo Switch Lite Announced For 2019

It’s possible for the processor we are talking about to be the updated version of the Switch current Tegra X1, coming with the codename Mariko. Another possibility is for Nintendo to have used this version for the Switch Lite. That doesn’t sound bad, and it might come as an advantage for Nintendo.

In the spring there a lot of rumors saying Nintendo will launch in the summer two new Nintendo Switch consoles, a cheaper version and another one enriched with some features specially developed for the passionate videogamers. Back then Eurogamer sources put in discussion the changes that were about to take place for the Switch Lite and the price the console will have. People also talked about the possible Switch Pro and where this model will position in the list of gaming consoles at its arrival, if it will be an upgrade for the original Switch or not.

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