Coin Master Download and Install Available on PC

Coin Master is an Android game that has been launched in 2010 and has been having real success over the years due to its fun mechanics and gameplay.

In June 2018, Moon Active uploaded a new trailer on YouTube, and the game is going viral on social media. The game offers you now the possibility to build your village that you can upgrade. A new set of characters have been added as well, such as Pirate, Hippie, King, and Soldier, that will be by your side when raids start.

Coin Master’s Mechanics

Coin Master’s core mechanic is spinning a wheel that will award you with different activities, such as looting, raiding, and shielding.

The loot mechanic will give you gold for you to upgrade your village, raid means you’ll be attacking other Vikings’ villages and pillage them, and shield mean you’ll have to protect your village from other Vikings’ attacks and raids.

Playing on Your PC

Playing this game on your PC will require some steps to do, such as downloading an Android emulator for it, so follow these steps:

  1. Search for Bluestacks on a browser
  2. Open up their official site and download their emulator
  3. Install the emulator following the steps given to you
  4. Launch Bluestacks
  5. Tap on “My Apps” icon and locate Coin Master
  6. Install it on your emulator

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