Microsoft Surface Book Might Come Out With Foldable Display

Annually Microsoft reveals a new Surface device, and as the period of its unveiling is approaching, people can no longer control their excitement and leaks start to flow around the internet. The Surface Laptop might get an architectural make-over, the Surface Pro will no longer take as much to connect, but the Microsoft Surface Book from October will get something else.

The surprising addition – dual display in Microsoft Surface Book

The public has not yet received official reports of a double-screened device from Microsoft that looks like a Surface gadget, but some less credible ones do.

If that happens, a Surface Book buyer will get the advantage of a touchscreen keyboard in the laptop orientation mode, an approach similar to a book, or specialized interfaces which might be an advantage for someone who wants to become a DJ.

What do the sources say about Surface Book?

Microsoft never stops planning and one of its plans, as The Verge says, includes dual-screen prototype hardware which has been seen in a video presented during an event for the team that makes the devices real. The new Surface device amazed the employees who formed lines in order to catch a view of it.

Microsoft is not settling, a fact proven by a patent that was recently published. Its title, “Use Of Multiple Calibrated Color Sensor Measurements To Generate A Single Colorimetric Value,” describes how some sensors could be used so the screen of the device can be tuned better to its surroundings.

According to Mayank Parmar, Microsoft wants to generate a single calorimetric value, and in order to do so, it needs to makes some measurement using multiple calibrated ambient color sensors. With that being said, this way, when Microsoft Surface Book is flat, you will see no differences in how the light shows in each part of the device’s screen.

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