Candy Camera 5.4.17 Update Launched With Improvements For The Best Photo-Editing App

This Candy Camera, an amazing app, has recently been improved to Candy Camera 5.4.17 version that makes sure the previous crashes will not happen anymore. Now you can properly enjoy this app and here are the reasons why you need it.

Candy Camera 5.4.17 Update Launched With Improvements For The Best Photo-Editing App

Cute filters for selfies

Did your face break out again? You did not have enough sleep, and your under-eye bags show it? Do not worry! You have a wide variety of filters you could choose from that would hide all your imperfections and bring you the likes! Find the perfect filter for your selfie by swiping left and right and enjoy your different look with each one of them!

Get more beautiful

Sometimes a filter is not enough, especially when you are not wearing any make-up. Too lazy to apply that mascara? You ran out of your favorite lipstick, or you are just not in the mood to put on concealer? This is when Candy camera comes into action. You can add all those to your pictures, including blush and eyeliner and you can even whiten and slim your face!

Too many stickers

Any trend, any occasion, any season can show up in your selfie by adding a sticker you can choose from the vast collection the app provides you with! With every update, you get more stickers, so you never run out of ideas. If you do not like the size of the sticker, you can change it and replace it wherever you want.


Sometimes you take too many pictures with your friends, and it happens to like more than one. No worries! You can put them all in a collage, add stickers, put filters on you and your squad and take over the internet by changing your looks in every picture!

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