Sony MRW-W3 SD Card Hub Is The Best Thing For Professional Photographers

It is not easy to bring something different in the USB hubs industry, as the reason why they are used is both practical and unchangeable. The name of this invention is Sony MRW-W3, and whether it is the fastest gadget you can get for its purpose or not, it will still do the job of transferring the giant RAW photos and 4K videos you take with your camera.

Sony announced the launch of a hub that is equipped with what the company considers to be the fastest UHS-II SD (and microSD) card reader in the world that can eve read rates up to 300MB/s. In addition to that, the hub does not only deal with your images but also with what else your laptop needs.

What are the advantages of using a Sony MRW-W3 SD card hub

If you properly do your job as a professional photographer, it means that you are using peripherals that demand power. Lucky of you, the hub can deliver up to 100W power, and it can handle the additional gadgets and monitors you need to use.

Even though some new devices are coming up every year, you might be more familiar with old ones. This is why you will be provided both USB-A and USB-C connectors in case you have a combination of eras in your outlet. What might even surprise is the fact that it offers HDMI output for video up to 4K at 30 frames per second. If you know yourself to be clumsy, do not worry! This hub is water-resistant and has IP68 dust.

When can you get this astonishing gadget?

Get your money ready for fall because this is when Sony wants you to meet the MRW-S3 which will be launched at the same time with new SF-M Tough SD cards (in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities) so you have what to use with the speeds provided by the hub.

We know no details about the price, unfortunately, but if you have an expensive camera, you have already gotten used to getting more out of your pocket.

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