Telegram 5.9 Has New Animated Stickers Way Cooler Than WhatsApp

Telegram is one of the many instant messaging and voice over IP application, and it is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS, and Linux. Using the app, you can send messages and exchange photos, videos, audio, and files of any type, and stickers. The users of the chatting apps are continually discovering new ways to interact with people, and maybe Telegram is not as popular as WhatsApp is, but it inevitably grows in time. Telegram v5.9 now has new animated stickers way cooler than WhatsApp.

The sticker system of Telegram was a priority for the developers since they launched it, back in 2015. They can now brag with new high quality animated stickers that are small-sized and doesn’t consume the bandwidth. Every each one of the animated stickers is around 20-30 kilobytes. Using the Lottie-based, the TGS file format and 60fps to play, the animated stickers is much smaller than an average picture.

Telegram 5.9 Has New Animated Stickers Way Cooler Than WhatsApp

The consumption of the battery will not be a problem, as the animated stickers use less battery than ever before. When Telegram launched, it had 100,000 daily active users. As time went by, the app grew in popularity and, in March 2019, the developers claimed the app reached 200 million monthly active users. If so, it’s clear that this app is conquering more land in the market of messaging apps.

As for now, Telegram is more famous for its animated stickers. Nevertheless, even if the app is the one developing and distributing the stickers, anybody can use the TGS format to make their stickers and share them using Telegram. Moreover, if you tap on a received sticker in Telegram 5.9, you can download it and add it to your library, so you can have your little place of cool animated stickers to use in the future.

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