Firefox Lite 1.9.1 Is Available With Speed And Stability Improvements

In the digital age, everybody uses their smartphone to access the internet. While most devices arrive with a pre-load internet browser, it may not always be the best one for your needs. Chrome is the most popular one, but the app is relatively sluggish on many budget devices, and the delays can your experience in some cases. Firefox Lite, however, might be the ideal solution for users of low- and mid-range devices. Recently, Firefox Lite 1.9.1 launched with speed and stability improvements.

Firefox Lite Is An Excellent Option For Low- and Mid-Range Devices

  • Faster with Firefox Lite – Firefox Lite is a streamlined version of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, built from the ground up to optimize speed and performance. Read below to learn more about the browser and its latest features.
  • Small but mighty – With a size of four MB, Firefox Lite is light but sturdy since it takes little no almost no storage space on your device, a trait which is quite handy when you don’t have a lot of memory in the first place.
  • Record the entire page – Use the smart saving feature so you can save and record a whole web page with just a single tap. The app will generate and save a link so you can navigate through the content without issues
  • Built-in Night Mode – Save some battery and protect your eyes with the built-in night mode feature. It is particularly handy when you want to browse the web from the comfort of your bed.
  • Send those ads away – A robust anti-ads feature will keep them apart in most cases, making navigation more comfortable and faster since you won’t need to close countless pop-ups.
  • Keep your secrets – Activate the private mode to keep your essential data confidential while you are surfing the web.
  • Multitasking – Open as many tabs as you need and close all of them in a flash

Firefox Lite 1.9.1 Comes With Speed And Stability Improvements

As we know already, some updates bring in some new features and visual changes. That’s not the case with the latest Firefox Lite 1.9.1 since it only comes with some under the hood enhancements.

The latest Firefox Lite 1.9.1 version, or build 13361, comes with a large number of bug fixes and performance improvements, mostly for speed and stability.

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