Samsung Galaxy S11 Patent Revealed Foldable Design

Samsung has won big in terms of design with the launch of the Galaxy S10 in the first part of 2019. This has marked a significant design leap since the release of the Galaxy S6 edge back in 2015. The S10 became quite the attention grabber. Equipped with all sorts of cool stuff like an Infinity-O display, a lightning-fast fingerprint sensor, and a triple rear-mounted camera. According to a new patent, however, Samsung Galaxy S11 could win over the Galaxy Fold that is, at the moment, a failure.

Galaxy Fold issues

It’s no surprise to anyone at this point that Samsung was faced with a disaster with the Galaxy Fold. But perhaps the design of the phone from this patent will save past failure and possibly become the company’s flagship device.

The Galaxy Fold is not done yet as it may be eventually ready for sale. Some day… It was supposed to be prepared in April 2019, but the marketing damage has severely put a wrench in the development of the device. Possibly receiving poor reception in the future, even after the technology will be perfected.

Samsung Galaxy S11 design patent

If we’re looking at Samsung’s current filed patents, then we can bet on them coming up with impressive new tech for their next line of phones. One of these design patents concerns a phone with an extendable display. This patent had been filed last year and has been approved in June 2019.

We only have very basic mockups from the patent at this point. From these, we can only see the effect of the new design element. Its slider mechanism will allow it to extend from the size of a phone to the size of a small tablet.

Samsung Galaxy S11 will be a big phone, comparable to the size of the Galaxy S10 Plus. We can mention that some possible changes may be incorporated into the new design. Such as the centering of the front camera and the rear-mounted triple camera has been shifted to the top right corner.

The patent is not 100 percent indicative of addition into the Samsung lineup. But if the design will be developed, then Samsung Galaxy S11 might serve as a smarter and easier way of tackling the issue when compared to the Galaxy Fold.

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