How to Fix Temporarily Banned Problem in GBWhatsApp

temporarily banned problem gbwhatsapp

If you are temporarily banned from using GBWhatsApp, it is as a result of the official WhatsApp cracking down on unofficial WhatsApp mods and their users.

On the other hand, official WhatsApp is banning you temporarily with the hope that you will migrate back to the official WhatsApp once the ban is lifted.

If you are one of the GBWhatsApp users experiencing a temporary ban, here is how you can fix the problem.

Fix: How to fix temporarily banned problem in GBWhatsApp

Solution 1: Reinstall GBWhatsapp

  • Wait for your temporary ban to expire. Usually, the ban lasts within 24 hours, but for some users, it can exceed 24 hours.
  • After the expiration of your ban, you should back up your chats by going to ‘Settings’ (on your GBWhatsApp) >> ‘Chats’ >> ‘Backup Chats’
  • Uninstall your current GBWhatsApp version.
  • You should download and install GBWhatsApp Version 7.20
  • Follow the procedures to verify your phone number
  • If you’re still banned temporarily after installing the GBWhatsApp, wait for the ban to expire and start enjoying your WhatsApp.

If you are still facing ‘temporary ban’, then you should install the official version of WhatsApp, use it for a day, uninstall it and reinstall your GBWhatsApp version.

Solution 2: Rename GBWhatsapp folder

  • Launch the file manager app from your launcher
  • Locate the GBWhatsApp folder and change its name to Deleted GBWhatsApp.
  • Once this is done, you should uninstall your current GBWhatsApp version and install the official WhatsApp.
  • You should follow the procedures to verify your phone number.
  • Once this is done, you should head to settings in your installed WhatsApp, go to account, tap on ‘Delete my Account’, enter your phone number and tap on ‘DELETE MY ACCOUNT’, ‘OK’.
  • You should uninstall the official WhatsApp
  • Download and install the latest version of GBWhatsApp, follow the procedures to verify your phone number and enjoy your GBWhatsApp features.

If this fix does not work for you, you should uninstall your current GBWhatsApp, run the official GBWhatsApp for a couple of days and try reinstalling your GBWhatsApp.

How to prevent GbWhatsapp ban

Here are some few tips to prevent WhatsApp from temporarily banning you

  • Always update your GBWhatsApp with the latest version.
  • Avoid sending bulk messages or forwarding numerous messages at a time.
  • Do not use apps that send automated messages.
  • Avoid using WhatsApp Bomber Apps.
  • Before sending messages, make sure the numbers are saved to your contact list.

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