Twitter Gets A Complete Overhaul, And Users Can’t Escape It

Do not you think that Twitter looks a little overhauled now? Well, get used to it because it will become the usual way Twitter looks like and you can’t get the previous design no matter what you do.

How much changed is the new Twitter design?

This new version is ready to be rolled out to the mass as the company has tested it since the beginning of the year. Now all the most used areas an functions such as Explore, Notifications, Mentions and Direct Messages can be found on the sizeable left-hand sidebar as well as other essential features.

As a user, you might have already seen that the Direct Messages tab looks like you are checking your inbox, but it is easier to respond and view the conversation in one place. If you have more than one Twitter profile, you will be happy to find out that you can now switch between your accounts.

Twitter’s new design best features

Dark Mode Is Here

A lot of applications have decided to introduce a Dark Mode feature for their users, and it is finally Twitter’s turn to do so. You can choose from a completely dark version or Dim and Lights Out flavors. However, you will get more satisfied with the fact that the interface looks cleaner now, thanks to the new layout.

Homescreen Layout

This new version set one goal – users need to navigate easier on the platform and perform different functions. Now, features such as Themes, Lists, Settings an more can easily be accessed from the More menu compared to when users needed to access their profile to do so. If you want to be directed to personalized local moments, videos and Top Trend you need to access Explore which has also changed its location. It can be noticed more easily now.

As it seems, Twitter’s new design sums up lots of new feats.

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