UC Browser vs. UC Mini – Best Browser to Download with New Improvements

Opera Mini is one of the most known mini browsers worldwide, but what about other versions for your devices? Other companies are developing mini browsers for reliable performance and saving space on your device. One of the most popular mini browsers is UC Mini at this point. On the other hand, UC Browser from Alibaba has a vast download number and many users, but there is a problem with it. The browser is saving and sending all the private data from users to some servers in China. Let’s see what you can choose from both browsers and which one will fit your needs.

UC Browser versus UC Mini

  1. The first thing that we should discuss is the size. By comparison, the UC Mini will consume 9.8 Mb, while the UC Browser will consume 43 Mb. Maybe you don’t worry so much about the storage on your phone, but if you do, you know what to choose in terms of size.
  2. A second important fact about these two browsers is the permissions. Like most browser and applications, UC Browser and UC Mini are asking your permission to access your contacts. This permission will let you call numbers from the browser. The issue is that you can’t skip this step, and a message will be shown.
  3. A problem can appear on both browsers with the content they are showing. Unfortunately, when you use them, a lot of content adult-themed articles will appear.
  4. We must see at the same time the differences between the two browsers. One of them is the UC Center that you will find in the UC Browser, but not in the UC Mini. Without the UC Center, you won’t have bookmarks, downloads, themes, tools, and how much data you are saving and sharing.
  5. The UC Browser is giving you the possibility to scan QR codes, take screenshots, or use a clipboard. You can also connect to Facebook and add shortcuts. Also, you can benefit from the Download option from the menu, but the speed transfer will be boosted or not depending on the browser.
  6. If you are worried about the junk files, no need too because you will have a Clean Files button to help you. Moreover, you will find a list of unused apps and duplicate files. A fun feature is the Game Center that comes only in the UC Browser; you can play them and download them.

Finally, the choice depends on your smartphone performance and capacity. For using the UC Browser, you will need at least 2 GB of RAM and 1.5 GHz processor, and if you don’t fit, you can use the UC Mini.

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