Samsung Galaxy S11: Release Date, Leaks, and All We Know About The Future Flagship

Samsung always finds a way to surprise us, as it did with Galaxy S10 that came with the new Infinity-O design for the display, or the triple rear cameras. The time is ticking, and Samsung Galaxy S11 will be a dream come true.

Rumors state that Samsung will launch three versions of the Galaxy S11, although the design for this model is not known yet. It’s not a surprise if we remember that Galaxy S10 launched with three versions: the S10, the S10+, and the S10e.

Keeping up with the times, Samsung released a Galaxy S10 5G model, offering access to the 5G networks in the areas, small indeed, that sports this kind of system. We suppose that for the S11, Samsung will include the 5G functionality in its three versions, but this is still just a wild guess. To make an idea about how Samsung Galaxy S11 will look, we took a look at the Note 10 and the S10 models.

Samsung Galaxy 11 possible specs

In comparison, Note 10 has the camera cutout in the center of the screen, as the S10 has it in the right of the screen. There is a possibility that this characteristic of S11 will inspire from Note 10, but rumors claim Galaxy S11 will have an uninterrupted front with a pop-up selfie camera.

Following the pattern, it’s correct to assume that the upcoming phone will have three rear cameras. We can only guess what kind of specifications Galaxy S11 will have, one of them being the AMOLED display, powered by the next-generation processor of Qualcomm. Less than 6GB of RAM will be disappointing.

We also expect an outstanding camera package for the Galaxy S11. If we are judging by the revealing of its new camera sensor made by Samsung in May, the possibility of this phone having it doesn’t sound like a fantasy. A leak from SamMobile shows us that Android Q and One UI 2.1 will be the operating systems for the three versions of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S11 price

The time thought us the newly launched smartphones are not getting cheaper. If we take a look at the cost of a Galaxy S10 – around $900 -, or the price of a Galaxy S10 5G – about $1300, we will state the obvious: there is no way Galaxy S11 to be cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy S11 release date

Samsung made a tradition by announcing the upcoming launches in February. We assume they will not change this habit and wait for February for Samsung to announce the future Galaxy S11 flagship smartphone.

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