Facebook Lite Beta Update is Now Available with Faster Performances

If you enjoy using the features that Facebook has to offer but you hate the fact that the social media app uses up too much hardware power and internal storage space, then we know just the perfect app that you need. We are talking about Facebook Lite. This is obviously a lightweight version of the original app and what makes it special is the fact that its software has been heavily optimized to lower the overall mobile data that the app needs in order to load the newsfeed and all other types of media. To make things even better, Facebook Lite’s performances are being improved every single day through regular updates a new software release has just arrived.

Facebook Lite Beta Update

Even though Facebook Lite weighs in at less than 10MB of internal storage space and uses up less mobile data than any other social media app, this is not the best thing about it. What truly makes Facebook Lite stand out the most is the fact that it benefits from a constant stream of updates that are taking its performances to the next level.

The latest update for Facebook Lite sports the Beta version number and we are advising everyone who enjoys using the app’s features to download it right now. The reason why we are saying this is because the new update focuses on improving the software stability of the app and it does this by introducing a bunch of bug fixes and “under the hood” software changes.

The Beta Program

On the downside of things, we need to mention that the only Facebook Lite users who can download the new update are those who are enrolled in the beta program. Luckily, everyone is allowed to join the beta program.

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