Minecraft Might Help Children Learn How To Lead And Organize

In recent times several studies have highlighted the positive effect and influences of certain video games and video games genres. Minecraft, as it seems, is the best game for children to learn how to lead and organize.

A new study elaborated by a researcher from UC Davis and a Swiss scholar explores the benefits of playing the popular title Minecraft. In Minecraft, players take control of their character and can build a large variety of constructions, including houses, statues, or world-famous landmarks. Over 65 million people play the game each month, and many players choose to join multiplayer servers, where they contribute to large-scale projects.

During the study, the pair of researchers surveyed the internet every two hours and reviews over 150,000 Minecraft communities to observe the manifestations of leadership and community-managing skills, which could be used in a real-world context. The results of the research were quite surprising as several 1,800 leaders managed to create a democratic and popular internet community.

Minecraft Might Help Children Learn How To Lead And Organize

The numbers from above might not seem too impressive at first sight since 19 out of 20 communities failed to remain stable over time. However, the thriving communities which made the transition enjoy a large number of features which inferred the presence of advanced leadership skills. Players elected a system of governance, and additional software was installed to reinforce and facilitate private property rights, social hierarchy, a fair trade system, and much more.

By selecting ideal rules, players of Minecraft can create various forms of government. While some forms are more favored than others, the sheer diversity was quite impressive, and most of them are viable and appreciated by the players.

A substantial aspect of any community was the inclusion of a system which attracts new members and motivates them to stay as a member for an extended period of times. In some cases, a cohesive strategy against the competition was also implemented. Further research is needed, but the researchers argue that many of the skills used by players when playing Minecraft could help them in organizing and governing a real-life initiative.

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