Xbox Two vs. PS5 – What’s New?

The two-decade old dilemma

Should you get an Xbox or a PlayStation? Regardless of the generation, we’re talking about, even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably heard this question at least once in your lifetime. Usually, it sparks arguments between fans of both camps and lately everybody has strong and valid arguments that their choice is better.

Next year is going to be a total game-changer (pun intended) for gaming.

The future is here

Both Microsoft and Sony’s current-gen consoles are getting old, even considering their beefier versions. Games are getting more demanding than ever. Developers are asking for a hardware update in order to be able to make their games run on consoles.

Gen 8 consoles are about to meet their end after an 8-year run and quite a few updates. They have improved a lot since their initial iterations but as the market keeps pushing more and more, Microsoft confirmed that their new console will begin selling in 2020. Sony seems to play it cool for now, as they haven’t confirmed a release for next year, but analysts say that it is possible that we will meet the PlayStation 5 as soon as 2020 thanks to rivalry between the two giants.

What we know for sure

The PS5 is said to support 8k visuals, ray tracing graphics and the now infamous backward compatibility. We know this thanks to an exclusive interview by Wired with PlayStation architect Mark Cerny back in April.

The new Xbox’s name is “Xbox Scarlett”.

Sony confirms that the PS5 won’t launch in the following 12 months (this was back in April so there is a chance that the PS5 will come out in 2020).

Rivalry… or maybe not?

Microsoft is known for making questionable decisions when it comes to consoles.

They hinted that they are interested in bringing the Master Chief Collection to the PS4, boosting Sony’s sales and reputation, furthermore narrowing the list of Xbox exclusives.

It’s likely that we are going to see Xbox games released on the PS5 in the following years. What a shocker!

Recently, Microsoft started to get closer and closer to its gaming rivals: Sony and Microsoft recently revealed that they are working together on cloud solutions for streaming and gaming, and there are rumors going around that the Xbox Game Pass might make its appearance on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

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