How to Fix Pokemon Go Freezing Problem On Android

pokemon go freezing problem

Pokemon Go has gotten lots of likes in the game community. This game is one of the most profitable games as well as most used mobile app in 2016. Pokemon Go has over one million downloads on all store.

Game lovers seem to enjoy playing this game. The game is developed under the collaboration of Niantic, Nintendo, and the Pokemon Company. It involves the capturing, battling, and training of creatures known as Virtual creatures.

Lately, Niantic have not been doing well when it comes to technical issues. A lot of Pokemon Go gamers complain about bugs and technical errors on the app. If you also experience freezing when playing the Pokemon Go game, apply any of the enlisted solutions.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Freezing Issue

Solution 1: Restart your device

Pokemon Go players were able to fix the freezing problem just by rebooting their device. Basically, rebooting your device terminates intruding apps and processes which militates against the running process of the Pokemon Go app.

Solution 2: Turn off internet connection

When attempting to play Pokemon Go, ensure that you turn off your internet connection. This should stop the problem of freezing. Besides, Pokemon Go can be played without the internet; hence, switching off the internet shouldn’t affect the game. Alternatively, you can toggle on the airplane mode before playing Pokemon Go.

Solution 3: Wait it out

In a situation where you attempt to catch a Pokemon and the game freezes. Whenever something like this occur, it gives a sign that the game app is about to freeze. The backpack and the camera icon would disappear. All you need to do is wait for a small period of time, then tap on where the backpack icon is supposed to be. You can capture the Pokemon afterwards.

Solution 4: Turn off the AR

Freezing on the Pokemon Go app might be as a result of enabled Augmented Reality(AR) settings. If the AR system is turned on, the freezing issue might occur. This is another tip to fix the issue.

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