iPad Pro 2019 News About Prices and Device’s Specs

As iPad Pro Pro is exceptionally future-proofed and expensive as well, Apple fans do not really update their iPads as often as they change their iPhones. However, Apple can’t release iPad once in a while because the company’s premium pro devices must have state-of-the-art components to justify the price. However, in about two months, Apple will present the iPad Pro 2019 model.

With that being said, before the iPad Pro gets launched, you will have to wait between 1 and 1 and a half years since the last release. Regarding the upcoming iPad Pro 2019, we might see a potential model in September, but it will not launch until Apple’s WWDC 2020.

iPad Pro 2019 News About Prices and Device’s Specs


What will be the price of the next iPad Pros? Probably they will not start at less than £769/$799. As the years go by, the prices for Apple devices increase, but these changes are justified. For example, the 2018 Pro models were wholly redesigned, Brexit brings in fluctuations and many more.


Compared to the models we have today, iPad Pro 2019 models will have a moderate speed boost thanks to the new Apple A13X processor. Unfortunately, the iPad Pro 2019 will not get the A14 chips because these chipsets will not be manufactured until next year’s autumn.

Even the A13 chip might equip the iPad Pro 2019, as Macworld US discussed, the prediction says that the A12, the A13 group will be built via a 7nm process, before the switch to 5nm next year.

Moreover, the process might get the TSMC’s “7nm+” update, which consists of using Extreme Ultraviolet lithography to build chips. This way, their power efficiency and density are better. However, there are even some small chances that the process will change entirely with the introduction of the brand-new “7nm Pro”.


As we can see, iPad Pro 2019 will come with some improved specs that would boost the device’s speed and performance. We look forward to Apple’s conference in September to learn more about the upcoming iPad Pro 2019 models.

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