Google Play Store Still Provides Malware And Stalkware Apps

Android warns users that they can be stalked by several apps that have been found on their phones official app store, the Google Play Store. Android is one of the most popular software, and it is part of the lives of many that use smartphones powered by it. Each month more than two billion people use Android.

Loyals to the software, threats keep appearing

Android users are always getting security alerts, but despite that, they still use their phones to install untrusted apps. For example, some recent widespread threats claim that Google Play Store has some malicious apps. The PreAMO malware was found in six Android apps, and they were checked by Google Play Store because each of them got 90 million downloads, which is a bit off.

At the same time, another recent threat explains how 50 malware-filled apps infected over 30 million Android devices from the Google Play Store.

The most recent one threats on Google Play Store

A security threat spread through the Google Play Store warning Android users once again about something that might affect their smartphones. Seven apps have been discovered by Avast’s security experts to be loaded with stalkerware. As the name says, people and users are stalked by this malicious form of software.

More than 130,000 people downloaded these apps, 50,000 of them getting one of the most popular ones due to the number of downloads.

Google Play Store Is Not As Safe As Believed

All Android apps on the Google Play Store can collect information from users even though they do not have their consent. According to an Avast blog post, stalking apps collect data such as contact information, call logs, text messages, and people’s location.

If your device is rooted, you are in danger even more because these apps can intercept with the messages you send on Viber and WhatsApp.

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