Bitdefender vs. Norton Antivirus: Best Features, Protection and Price

Bitdefender is still the first choice for many people, while Norton comes to the end of the list. Both of them though, give you the safety you need plus some differences. So, which are those differences that could make a change? Here are five things from features to customer support that we must take into consideration while picking our favorite antivirus!

  1. Features

The antivirus industry has improved since Bitdefender and Norton antivirus were launched. The task for antivirus software developers is to remain on the first position of the game, with new features and techniques for gathering, and stopping, malware and other cybercrime. Here are some features Bitdefender and Norton antivirus come up with for their customers.

Bitdefender: you can get everything but with a high cost, always. You can try of course, a 30-day-trial to see which package it’s good for you, though. You’ll receive the most protection with Bitdefender, maximum security. It’s everything you need in a single package, offering also support for many devices. Android picked Bitdefender as their own personal favorite, then comes in the i-OS and Mac lists.

We all know how dangerous the WiFi is and Bitdefender, too! That’s why they develop a strategy from which you get a limit of 200MB-per-day.

Bitdefender Safepay will be your helper when you’re worried about safe browsing, because this new thing at Bitdefender will protect you, notifying you when a visit a page that the antivirus don’t trust. A password manager that incorporates with your usual browser and Safepay is also included.

All Bitdefender packages get you ransomware protection, except the free one, and a network firewall, as well. Bitdefender Total Security gives you many features, from secure file destroying to webcam protection.

Norton: Each of four packages come with a full set of malware protection, with defense against ransomware and spyware, too, and an extra cloud storage for additional backups. You will also benefit of a network firewall and password manager. Norton 360 package subscribers achieve access to Norton Secure VPN for secure browsing.

If you want more features, you’ll need to make a change and upgrade your package to one of the more expensive ones. In addition to this, you’ll get the parental control access and other tools that’ll help you observe web traffic and app downloads.

  1. Price

For Bitdefender there are four available packages, but you’ll have to spend more if you’re looking for extra support for multiple devices. It’s a good thing, however, that they give big discounts!

The cheapest package: $30/ year;

The Bitdefender Family Plan: $54, 99/ year (up to 15 devices);

30-day Total Security Trial

Norton developers aren’t as generous as Bitdefender, but you should take into consideration:

Antivirus Plus: around $60/ year;

20 % discount for first-time subscribers;

360 Standard and 360 Deluxe: a discounted $49, 99 and $59, 99/ year.

  1. Protection

Bitdefender: succeeded to score 99, 3 % in March and April 2019 in a test of its malware defenses, fact that helped it win a perfect 6 out of 6. Performance-wise, Bitdefender did better, with only 14 % slowdown compared to the average 19%.

Norton: March and April 2019 tests presented the same 99, 3 % protection score against malware threats. It also trooped Bitdefender’s performance score, but it demonstrated slower in testing.

  1. Support

Bitdefender: available live chat, email and a forum with a database that contains how-to-guides and questions.

Norton: phone and live chat support for customers, called Symantec.

Winner: Bitdefender! Because it offers more features for a lower price and the protection your devices need.

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